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Typology of sustainable transformative transitions

Tiago Louro Alves, Nuno Bento, Ricardo Ribeiro

DRUID23 Conference

Economies must transform in response to the reality of climate change. The
successful climate transition can be constructed with a diversity of a set
of actions. Our research develops a typology of pathways that can be followed
in transforming an economy to environmental challenges. We perform
a computational review of 1 million research articles pertaining to the literature
relevant for decarbonization. We find three main results: 1) there are
6 general main strategies for decarbonization; 2) common dichotomies are
insufficient to explain the entire spectrum of pathways; 3) countries follow
heterogeneous but rather stable pathways over time. The typology opens
new prospects for the analysis of the direction of innovation that drives industrial
and economic transformation. The combination of classical and large
language models shows the possibilities of new research methods in this area.

Keywords: transitions, climate change, economics, computational review

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