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“Energy Transition Doesn't Need New Tech Breakthroughs” (interview)

In an interview for the Energy Intelligence, an international news and intelligence provider specialized on energy information, Nuno Bento and renowned researchers explain the main challenges associated with the different types of technology innovation for decarbonization. In particular, Nuno clarifies why existing technologies are more likely to deliver the carbon mitigation needed to limit the increase of the temperatures to 1.5ºC than technology breakthroughs. This is because “the "formative phase" of technologies typically spans over two or three decades” and “actual breakthroughs more often consist of introducing new services or markets without major changes in technology.”

The world already possesses the "broad contours" of low-carbon energy technologies required to achieve a 1.5°C trajectory. Many of the these are already commercialized or at prototype level, and instead of seeking radical technological breakthroughs, experts are urging governments to encourage systemic changes. This can be achieved through smaller innovations, promoting experimentation to discover the best solutions and quickly disseminate the information. The real breakthroughs needed to fully decarbonize energy could come from the many small innovations that change the system as a whole, and not some radical new technology. (see the full text here).


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