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Sus2Trans Project Closing Conference Highlights November 2023

The Sus2Trans Project Closing Conference “Transformative Strategies for Sustainability Transitions” took place the 6th of November 2023 at Iscte - University Institute of Lisbon.

The conference was organized in two sessions. The first session focused the presentation and debate of the most significant advances of the research conducted in the Sus2Trans project, including the main theoretical and empirical contributions for understanding the possible decarbonization strategies and their technological, socioeconomic and policy requirements.

The second session explored the ways in which transformation is emerging and taking shape in practice, through the contributions of invited speakers. Gianfranco Gianfrate, project consultant, addressed the strategies for decarbonization in large companies and discussed their benefits and pitfalls to deliver the emission reductions needed for the Net-zero transition.

Next, emerging business models with transformative potential were presented by three entrepreneurs from innovative start-ups in different areas of activity: AGROOP (Bruno Fonseca): AI innovations for the agriculture sector; Recycle Geeks (João Botelho): Circularity and social innovation; Skyzo (André Facote): Ocean waste and market innovation. The challenges and the opportunities for their dissemination were addressed by two discussants and then debated with the audience.

Programa Sus2Trans Conference
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