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Sus2Trans Unveils Pioneering Typology of Decarbonization Pathways at IST'24 and Announces Hosting of IST'25

Oslo, June 19, 2024 – The International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST'24), held from June 17 to 19 in Oslo, hosted the annual gathering of researchers on sustainability sociotechnical transitions. Nuno Bento represented the Sus2Trans research team, presenting the results of this project that garnered significant attention and recognition.

Credits: Alexandra Polido

The IST'24 conference, a premier global forum for sustainability transitions experts, policymakers, and researchers, provided a platform for Sus2Trans to showcase its latest research findings. The project team presented its pioneering study, which delves into a comprehensive typology of sustainability transformations based on insights derived from analyzing one million research papers on climate mitigation. This ambitious endeavor represents a significant contribution to the understanding of effective sustainability strategies and strategies for decarbonization and has the potential to influence decision-making in public and private organizations to accelerate the much-needed climate action in order to achieve the 2030 targets.

The presentation, led by the principal investigator of Sus2Trans, captivated the audience with its depth and breadth. The research team utilized advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques to categorize and synthesize the vast amount of literature on climate mitigation. Their findings offer a nuanced understanding of the different pathways and their dimensions (i.e., the typology) that emerge from the analysis of one million papers. The typology developed through Sus2Trans serves as a valuable tool for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, providing clear guidance on the most effective approaches to drive sustainability transformations.

The audience at IST'24, comprising leading experts and influential stakeholders in the field of sustainability transitions, received Sus2Trans’ presentation with great interest and enthusiasm. Many attendees expressed their admiration for the innovative methodology and the practical implications of the research. The discussion that followed the presentation highlighted the relevance of the Sus2Trans project in addressing current global challenges and its potential to shape future sustainability efforts.

In addition to the successful presentation, we achieved another significant milestone at IST'24. It was announced that ISCTE-IUL will host the next International Sustainability Transitions Conference in Lisbon in the week of the 23rd June in 2025 (IST'25). This prestigious opportunity underscores the recognition of the Portuguese research – and of Sus2Trans’ partners in particular - and its contribution to advance sustainability research and education. Hosting IST'25 will place ISCTE-IUL, IGOT and LNEG at the forefront of the global sustainability dialogue, providing a platform to further disseminate their research findings and foster international collaboration.

The announcement was met with excitement and anticipation, as the upcoming conference promises to build on the success of IST'24 and bring together an even broader and more diverse group of participants. It will be the first time that this important conference, in its 16th edition, takes place in southern Europe or in particular in the

Iberian Peninsula. ISCTE’s role as the host of IST'25 will also spotlight the institution’s ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into its curriculum, research agenda, and community engagement initiatives. It is one of the first institutions in the world to propose a Doctoral Program on Sustainability Transitions to start already in this September 2024.

Reflecting on the achievements at IST'24, the Sus2Trans team expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to present their work and their excitement about hosting the next Conference. "We are honored by the positive reception of our Sus2Trans project and thrilled to be organizing IST'25," said Nuno Bento. "This opportunity allows us to further our mission of contributing to a sustainable future through innovative research and collaboration."

As the curtains fall on IST'24, the global sustainability community looks forward to IST'25 in Lisbon, anticipating another fruitful gathering of minds dedicated to addressing the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.


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